Welcome to My New Website

Monday, February 6, 2017 11:30 AM

Hi, Dears!

Welcome to the new website! I hope you enjoy of my new design and feel free to contact me and say anything about my works.

Before saying anything about the purpose of this website, let's talk about the structure and the technologies I used to create it.

The Technologies I Used

For the server-side programming, I used ASP.Net technology with MVC architecture. MVC is a 3-tier architecture which contains 3 parts, Model-View-Controller. 

As a full-stack developer, I also developed the front-end myself. For designing the UI, I designed my webpages in lovely Adobe Photoshop. You can see some of my webpage designs in the image below.

For the implementation, like all other websites, HTML, JavaScript and CSS used to complete the job! Thank's to Bootstrap's responsive and grid system, I developed my UI very easily. Animations and any other interactions and components were written in pure JavaScript and CSS, without any libraries.

The Purpose of this Website

The main purpose is to introduce my works, my abilities and the ways you can contact me. but also I will post some learning articles and try to cover the important things of technology world.

I also create useful components which you can find in My Works. So check me daily ;)

See you soon!